Recovery Roast is a custom-roasted coffee created by John D. Freyer in partnership with VCU's Rams in Recovery and Afterglow Coffee Cooperative. There are now ten editions of Recovery Roast coffee, including one created for Tate Modern, London. Recovery Roast is also served on Free Hot Coffee Bikes around the world.

Founded in 2013, Rams in Recovery provides direct support for students in recovery from substance use disorders and seeks to create a recovery friendly campus. We believe that students should never have to choose between their recovery and their education.

The sales of this edition of Recovery Roast Coffee helps to fund the Recovery Scholars Program, which supports students in their academic and career endeavors with a focus on service.


The Free Hot Coffee Bikes radiate out into the community with our pop-up pour over coffee stations where the general public can engage with with people in long term recovery and their allies and learn about the project, over free hot cups of Recovery Roast coffee.


The Free Hot Coffee Bike project was created by John D. Freyer in partnership with the Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. We have used the bike on campus and have brought the bike around the country partnering with CRP's at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Penn State, UVA and events in New York City. In 2018 we partnered with Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in London to launch the UK edition of the Free Hot Coffee bike for the first CRP in the UK at Teesside University which is based in part on the VCU CRP model.

We've made 10 Editions of Recovery Roast Coffee and have helped build more than 10 Free Hot Coffee Bikes around the world.

Georgia Tech Recovery Community
2nd Free Hot Coffee Bike


In 2021 we partnered with our friends at Icicle Tricycles. They hand-built us five Free Hot Coffee bikes for Collegiate Recovery Communities in Virginia including a replacement for the original Rams in Recovery FHC bike. They have a custom template for building Free Hot Coffee bikes for any CRP that wants to add one to their programing.

Support the Free Hot Coffee and Free Naloxone Bikes

If you would like to support the work of the Free Hot Coffee and Free Naloxone Bikes or our other Recovery related initiatives you can make direct contributions to the Fifty/Fifty Project Fund at Virginia Commonwealth University - Simply follow this link. They make it easy to make single, reoccurring and even payroll deduction gifts. Your company might have a matching gift program. Help support these important harm reduction, stigma fighting, and life saving projects. If you have questions about the project please reach out to John Freyer, Associate Professor of Cross Disciplinary Media at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The 3rd - Free Hot Coffee Bike - Launched June, 2018 - Tate Modern